We offer a wide selection of top quality foods for your corporate meetings and business lunches, or for your personal gatherings. Our menu choices include cold meals, such as salads, sandwiches, cheese & relish platters, desserts, fruit trays as well as hot lunches as outlined on the next page. We only use fresh and premium quality ingredients in the preparation of all our food. Our menu choices and customized services will certainly meet your expectations.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A nutritious breakfast gives you the energy and mental alertness you need for a successful day. All our food is freshly prepared with top quality ingredients and baked on our premises.

Order must be placed 24 hours in advance.

Coffee Service
100 cups
50 cups
25 cups
12 cups
*** Includes cups, cream, sugar, sweetener, stir sticks.

Tea Service
Regular, herbal or flavored tea
12 cups
25 cups
*** Includes cups, milk, sugar, sweetener, stir sticks.

Continental Breakfast
Assortment of Danish, cinnamon buns muffins, croissants, jam & butter
Cheese tray
Fruit tray

Hot Breakfast
• Cheese or western omlettes
• Suasage and bacon
• English Muffins & crossaints
• Coffee service, including all supplies

*** All Danish, muffins, croissants are baked on our premises.





Having a business meeting, seminar or any business function, we can provide you with the perfect lunch to satisfy everyone's appetite and any special diet requirements. We offer a prompt delivery service and, if needed, we can supply plates, napkins and cutlery at no additional cost.

Order must be placed 24 hours in advance. Minimum of 10 orders of any item must be placed except individual quiche.

Soup (several varieties available)

Meat or Vegetable
Served with choice of Caesar, garden or spinach salad
Garlic Bread or dinner rolls with butter
Dessert included (squares or cookies)

Baked Ham with Pineapple
Served with: choice or mashed or garlic potatoes, scalloped potatoes or potato salad
Vegetable, rolls & butter
Dessert included (squares or cookies)

Chicken Breast
Served with mashed or garlic potatoes
Vegetable, rolls & butter
Dessert included (squares or cookies)

Chicken Breast on a Bun
Served with Caesar, garden or spinach salad or coleslaw.
Dessert included (squares or cookies)

Chicken or beef pies
Served with a choice of garden salad, Caesar salad or spinach salad.
Dessert included (squares or cookies)

Sheppard Pie
Served with: Caesar, garden or spinach salad
Rolls & Butter
Dessert included (squares or cookies)

Cabbage Rolls
Served with Caesar, Garden or Spinach Salad,
Rolls & butter
Dessert included (squares or cookies)

Individual Assorted Quiche
Served with Caesar, garden or spinach salad
Dessert included (squares or cookies)

** Plates, napkins, utensils are supplied with the above meals.

N.B. All our food is baked on our premises.

We are equipped to prepare wheat and Gluten free or lactose free meals, to accommodate people with special diet or needs.
$4.25 each









The perfect solution to your "On the Go Lunch" requirements, or for a company picnic or outdoor excursions. These lunch boxes provide you with everything for a satisfying lunch. They include a sandwich of your choice, cheese, veggie & dip, dessert and beverage.


We offer a wide variety of piping hot healthy soups, served in individual bowls with crackers or Melba toasts.


This tray consists of croissants, Kaisers, wraps and sandwiches. We use a variety of fillings and condiments.

Subs are also available.
$9.20 each

Sandwiches, croissants, kaisers & wraps
$7.20 each

An assortment of cheese, carrots, celery and pickles make up this delectable tray, garnished with fresh fruits; included is a vegetable dip.


All our salads are made with fresh greens and vegetables, served with a variety of dressings, including oil & vinaigrette or creamy house dressing.


Why not finish off your lunch with a delicious square, cookie or butter tart. You can also choose from a variety of pies or cheesecakes.

Squares, Butter Tarts
$2.25 each

$1.75 each

Fresh fruits such as pineapple, honey dew, cantaloupe, orange, kiwi, strawberries & watermelon, mounted on a skewer.

$2.00 each

$2.95 each

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