Festive Flavours

A decorative tin filled with chocolate, pretzels, shortbread cookies, crackers, hot chocolate, glitter spread, tea, Boursin Cheese, Mediterranean Herb Cheese Spread, Pine River Cheddar Cheese, Bright Cheese and Butter Marble Cheese, Cider Keg Apple Cider, white chocolate peppermint pretzel and peppermint bark.

Maple Lovers

Featuring local Jakemans maple syrup and maple cookies, also includes maple cotton candy, SweetSmith maple peanut brittle, and maple fudge from My Favourite Fudge company.

Time For Tea

An elegant glass serving tray and tea pot filled with a tea cup and diffuser, tea, Walker's shortbread cookies, Moss jam, and of course chocolate.


A basket filled with hot chocolate mix, chocolate drizzled popcorn, chocolate covered sponge toffee, chocolate pizza slice, Turtle bites, chocolate biscotti, Dutch chocolate sweet sticks and a caramel chocolate pretzel. Sure to satisfy the chocolate lover

Coffee Break

An elegant glass serving dish & coffee mug filled with biscotti's, coffee flavoured candy, flavoured coffees, cookies, a premium chocolate bar, chocolate covered almonds and a chocolate spoon.

Gluten Free

An elegant glass serving tray, Mary's crackers, Walker's shortbread cookies, Ma's Kitchen chocolate, Something Special antipasto, Gourmet popcorn, Bright Cheese and Butter Old Cheddar, Coffee and Living Alive Granola.

Holiday Treats

Set of 2 Christmas themed cup, saucer and spoon set, tea cookies, Moss Jam, hot chocolate mix, Christmas tea, & white chocolate peppermint pretzel.

Cup of Cheer

Our festive mug holds Sprucewood shortbread, biscotti, marzipan bar, hot chocolate, and jam.

Local Favourites

A basket filled with Barrie's Asparagus crackers, Bright Cheese and Butter Colby, Gunn's Hill Dark Side of the Moo, Nerds Tea, Jakeman's Maple Syrup, Kintore Coffee, Chocolatea Chocolates, Moss Jam and Apple Farms Old Fashioned Salad Dressing.

Holiday Entertainer

An elegant glass serving tray filled with Cider Keg Apple Cider, Carr's Entertainment crackers, Macy's Cheesesticks, Gourmet du Village dip mix, Walker's Shortbread Cookies, hot chocolate, Red Pepper Jelly, Tea, Sonoma Jack's Cheese, Gunn's Hill Oxford Harvest, Pine River Cheddar, Mountain Oak Cheese, Castello Camembert Cheese, Chocolate Covered Popcorn and Ma's Kitchen Chocolate

Box A - $20.00

Bright Cheese and Butter Mild Cheddar, Crackers, Moss Berry Farms Jam, Babybel and Turtle Bites Chocolate.

Box B - $27.95

Pine River Cheddar with tomato and basil, and medium cheddar, Moss Berry Farms jam, Walkers two finger shortbread cookies, and Carr's Water Crackers.

Box C - $35.95

Bright Cheese and Butter Havarti, Medium Cheddar, Onion and Parsley, Marble, Old Cheddar and Carr's Water Crackers.

Box D - $39.95

Gunn's Hill Smoked 5 Brothers, Red Wine Tipsy, Oxford Harvest, Red Pepper Jelly, Moss Berry Farms Jam, and Carr's Water Crackers.

Box E - $49.95

Cranberry Havarti Goat Cheese, Pine River Herb & Garlic Cheddar, Mountain Oak Cheese, Bright Cheese and Butter Colby, Carr's Water Crackers, Something Special Red Chili Dip, and Moss Berry Farms Jam.

Box F - $69.95

Pine River Cheddar with Caramelized Onion, Volpi Salami, Mustard, Sartori Bellavitano Cheese, Bothwell Red Wine Cheese. Castello Brie or Camembert Cheese, Boursin Cheese, and Carr's Water Crackers.

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