Festive Flavours

Perfect for sharing, our locally made crate contains Zoe cranberry balsalmic vinegar, Carrs crackers, Christmas tea, peanut brittle, chocolate covered pretzel, Volpi salami, Lady Laurier triple cream brie, Macy's cheese sticks, Gourmet Village dip mix, Bothwell horseradish cheddar, Gunn's Hill Chip off the old block, Robert Rothchild mustard, Saxon chocolate covered cherries, Stonetown game changer, Hot Mamas red pepper jelly.

Canadian Maple

Featuring local Jakemans maple syrup and maple cookies, also includes maple cotton candy, SweetSmith maple peanut brittle, and maple fudge from My Favourite Fudge company.


Locally handcrafted walnut cheese board. Holds everything needed to make a charcuterie board. Wildly delicious chutney, Carrs cracker, Sable and Rosenfield olives, Volpi roltini with basil, and Gunn's Hill Tipsy red wine cheese.

Cocktail Hour

Entertaining is easy on this white ceramic table runner. Hot Mamas jelly, Volpi salami, Stonetown game changer, Boursin cheese, Chevrai goat cheese, Carrs crackers, Rothchild smokey mustard, Gourmet Village crab dip, Mountainoak cheese, Kii Natural crackers, and an adorable cast iron mouse to label your cheese.


Included, is our tea-for-2 teapot, local Nerds Tea looseleaf, tea-for-2, Yorkshire tea , Orangecrate packed tea, Greaves jam, Bonne Maman jam, honey, shortbread cookies and a coordinating tea mug.

Chocolate Lover

For the sweet tooth! My Favourite Fudge, chocolate pizza slice, Belgian butter cookies, AnDea chocolate popcorn, brownie brittle, Fraktals, locally made Woodlyns raspberry chocolate truffle and chocolate dipped sponge toffee

Coffee Break

Your coffee lover can enjoy local Kintore Coffee, hazelnut flavour shot, Sprucewood shortbread, chocolate coffee beans, Zavits coffee , biscotti, Christmas napkins, and Muskoka coffee.

Gluten Free

For those with gluten sensitivity. Natural nectar cracker, Hot Mamas red pepper jelly, Living Alive granola, Sweetsmith peanut brittle, Kettlecorn popcorn, Saxon creamy hot chocolate, Brie cheese

Not Too Sweet

This diabetic-friendly gift basket contains Crazy Mooskies ketchup, Zoe olive oil, AnDea sugar-free Christmas chocolates, Lily's dark chocolate bar, Wildly Delicious cranberry stuf?ng, Castello brie, SweetSmith peanut brittle, Yorkshire tea, Carrs crackers.

Cup of Cheer

Our festive mug holds Sprucewood shortbread, biscotti, marzipan bar, hot chocolate, and jam.

Taste of Oxford

Shop Local ! Includes Nerds Tea, Habitual chocolate, Oxford Brand honey, Gunn's Hill Dark side of the Moo, Gunn's Hill 5 Brothers, Bright colby cheese, Kintore Coffee, even the crate is locally made!

Box A

Bright Cheese and Butter medium cheddar, Sasko crackers, Bonne Maman jam, Babybel cheese, and Marzipan chocolate

Box B

Bright's medium cheddar, and old white cheddar, Carr's table water crackers, Hot Mama's red pepper jelly, and Sprucewood shortbread

Box C

Bright Cheese and Butter mild cheddar, marble, onion & parsley, colby, and old white, and Carr's table water crackers

Box D

Pine River caramelized onion, Wensleydale Creamery Yorkshire with cranberries, Bothwell red wine cheese, Volpi chorizo salami, Robert Rothschild raspberry honey mustard, and Carr's table water crackers

Box E

Gunn's Hill 5 brothers, Stonetown game changer, Bright Cheese and Butter old white cheddar, Mountainoak celery cheese, Oxford Brand Pure honey, Hot Mamas red pepper jelly, and Barry's Asparagus cracked wheat crackers

Box F

Barbers 1833 vintage reserve cheddar, Sartori Bellavitano reserve cheese, Kerry Gold blarney gouda, Coombe Castle double gloucester, Boursin cheese, Double cream brie, Woolwich Dairy chevrai goat cheese, Something Special gourmet antipasto, and Carr's table water crackers

Box G

Gunn's Hill 5 brothers, Gunn's Hill red wine tipsy, Gunn's Hill oxford harvest, Mountainoak wild nettle cheese, and Kii naturals crackers

Box H

Springbank Cheese Extra-Old Heart of Cheddar

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